Nannies who work for free?

Nannies who work for free. I mean, who likes to work for free? I mean free. That is right, free. You know, you get nothing in return for work you have done. It is a pet peeve for most nannies, you stay back late to help out the family you work for, you help out when the car breaks down in another state, when the kids are sick, or when the grandparents need a cooked lunch during the hours you work. Now as a professional nanny you probably don’t mind helping out if required, or going that extra mile to help, in fact as a nanny I enjoy it – as long as I’m getting paid. I like variety. But what happens when you don’t get paid? What happens when helping out occasionally turns into a more common occurrence – like weekly? Yes, you are now getting pissed and I mean pissed. You now know your relationship has turned into a one-way street. You are now feeling like a slave, as you have officially been taken for granted, and things start heading south and you are feeling resentful, and feel that you have been taken for granted. Now shit is about to hit the fan and the only things left for you to do to change the situation, are these:


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Homemade Rice Krispies Bars | Recipe for Rice Krispies Treats | Recipe LCM Bars

This recipe was created by The Wholesome Pantry

Sick of all the food additives and chemicals in kids snack bars? Well this is a recipe for you. Homemade Rice Krispies Bars, also known as LCM bars in Australia, but with a twist. We used puffed brown rice, so yum and delicious
4 cups of puffed brown rice or if prefers rice krispies
125mls of olive oil
250 grams of marshmallows
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
This step is only if you buy the puffed rice:
Preheat oven to 130 degrees celsius
Place puffed rice on baking try and roast for 45mins
Place dry roasted puffed rice or Rice Krispies/bubbles into mixing bowl
Place olive oil into a medium/large saucepan over low heat
Add marshmallow and cook until the marshmallow have melted, stir constantly.
Add vanilla and mix until combined
Pour melted marshmallows mixture in with the puffed rice or rice krispies
Mix well
Pour into a greased 18 x 32com rectangular
Press mixture into all the corners and flatten
Place try into fridge overnight
In the morning cut into squares or bars


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