Nannies who work for free?

Nannies who work for free. I mean, who likes to work for free? I mean free. That is right, free. You know, you get nothing in return for work you have done. It is a pet peeve for most nannies, you stay back late to help out the family you work for, you help out when the car breaks down in another state, when the kids are sick, or when the grandparents need a cooked lunch during the hours you work. You help out, that is what nannies do. Now as a professional nanny you probably don’t mind helping out if required, or going that extra mile to help, in fact I don’t mind at all, in fact I love helping people out in need. I even volunteer almost every weekend as a surf lifesaver, for over 10 years. It is a great sense of fulfillment. What happens when helping out occasionally turns into a more common occurrence – like weekly, then daily, not as a once off?  In some aspects some might feel like a slave, as you feel like you have been taken for granted. So how do you change the situation?


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